Match Experiences
Match Experiences

Center Flag

  • Present the center flag on-field during pregame ceremonies. Limited to specific matches. (40 participants | 50 ticket minimum)

Group Name on Video Board

  • Group’s name listed on the Main Video Board during halftime. (25 ticket minimum | Group Display Name subject to approval)

Group Photo

  • Take a group photo at centerfield after the match. Limited to specific matches. (Up to 100 participants | 50 ticket minimum)

Post-match Kicks 

  • After the match, individuals in your group may take a shot on goal. Limited to specific matches. (Up to 50 participants | 150 ticket minimum) 

National Anthem 

  • Perform the National Anthem before the match. Subject for approval and limited to specific matches. (100 ticket minimum) 

Play on the Pitch 

  • Up to 4 teams (ages 6-12) will have the opportunity to compete against each other at Bank of America Stadium immediately after the match for up to one (1) hour of play. Limited to specific matches. (500 ticket minimum)