North Carolina Residents

Help us get a custom Charlotte FC license plate for YOU in the state of North Carolina. The NC Department of Transportation requires any new custom plate to be purchased by 500 people before they will add it to their NCDOT selection of choices for the whole state.

Please click the button below to pay for your custom plate. After payment is complete, you will receive an email from a Charlotte FC staff member in the next 5 (five) business days with a link to a DocuSign and further instructions to complete the process. To order a standard Charlotte FC license plate with randomized letters/numbers, the plate will initially cost $30. To personalize the Charlotte FC license plate with your own letters/numbers, the plate will initially cost $60. After this initial payment, standard annual NCDOT registration and renewal fees apply.

Due to the approval process through NCDOT you can expect your plate, once purchased and finalized, to be delivered summer of 2022.

Thank you for your dedication to Charlotte FC, and we can’t wait to see you in March!

Are you a South Carolina Resident?

The procedure is different for the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. We will notify fans once the Charlotte FC specialty plate is available in the SCDMV Plate Gallery for purchase.