Official Charlotte FC Mobile App

Official Charlotte FC Mobile App

Enhanced For The Party. Refined For The Crown.

With enhanced features, new personalized experiences, quick matchday ticket access, exclusive access to the club, and all the CLTFC news at your fingertips, keeping up with Charlotte FC has never been easier. Update today to make sure you are ready to rep The Crown.



Can't wait to wear it? Try on the kit virtually using your mobile device to create a personal avatar and transport yourself throughout the Carolinas!

Share the final product with friends and family before preordering your kit right from the Charlotte FC app.

You must be using a mobile device in order to activate the experience.


Highlighted by its user-friendly experience, easily accessible information and advanced technology, the Charlotte FC App provides the ultimate method of mobile soccer consumption.

Some of the app’s key features include:

Personalized Experiences on Matchdays

When you're logged into your Ticketmaster account on the app, expect a matchday experience catered specifically for YOU, whether you're following along at home or attending the match at Bank of America Stadium.

Latest and Exclusive News and Information

Stay up to date with the new app and all the news surrounding The Crown at the simple click of a button. Not only can you enjoy premium content about the club and the team, but there will also be exclusive stories, videos, and offers inside the app that can’t be found anywhere else.

Matchday: Live Scores and Play-by-play

Your guide to all things matchday. Whether you’re at home, on the go, or even at the match, you’ll never miss a moment with the app’s match previews, Know Before You Go’s, live score, and play-by-play news feed covering the entire match from every goal, foul, card, corner, near chance, and much more. Always be in the know with real-time statistics, standings, schedules, and scores from around the league.

Customized Icons

Choose from your favorite CLTFC logo to match the esthetic of your phone screen.

View, Buy & Transfer Your Tickets

Have full control and power over your tickets whether you’re managing, buying, selling, or transferring them. You’ll never have to print a ticket again courtesy of the app’s mobile ticketing feature which allows you to pull up your ticket for scanning and admission at the gate.

Chat With Us

Have any questions? We have you covered. Ask the Chat Bot anything and you will receive an answer immediately. Your matchday experience, including safety, fun, excitement, and satisfaction is our top priority, and we are here to help in any way we can.

News, content, tickets, gear, and information have never been so readily and quickly accessible, so download the Official Charlotte FC App to take a step closer to your favorite MLS club.


How do fans sign into Ticketmaster?

Fans will be prompted to sign into Ticketmaster during the onboarding process the first time they open the app.

After that first onboarding process, users can still sign in by navigating to “More > Log in to Ticketmaster” or clicking the “My Tickets” banner under “Tickets”.

How do fans enable notifications?

Fans will be prompted to enable notifications during the onboarding process the first time the open the app.

After that first onboarding process, users can still sign in by navigating to “More > Settings” and toggling on “Enable Notifications”.

If fans do not have a Charlotte FC Ticketmaster account, see instructions below for how to create one for free.

How do fans create an account?

If fans do not have a “Charlotte FC” Ticketmaster account, follow these steps to create one:

  1. Navigate to “More>Log in to Ticketmaster”; click “sign into Charlotte FC” and click “continue” on the prompt; Scroll down to “New to Ticketmaster?” and click “Sign Up”.
  1. Click “Create an Account”
  1. Fill out your information and hit “Sign up” to submit

I have a badge number on my app icon. How do I get it to go away?

Open the Charlotte FC app and navigate to "More > My Inbox". Click the green message and the badge will go away. Inbox messages will be used for important alerts and will be able to be accessed in your inbox.

How do I update my App Icon?

Open the Charlotte FC app and navigate to "More > Custom App Icons". Then scroll down and choose the one you want to fit the aesthetic of your phone.

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