CHARLOTTE – The loss against the Chicago Fire was a rare time that Charlotte FC drop points at home and it was a critical one. Despite the disappointing loss, interim head coach Christian Lattanzio is proud of his team for their willingness to attack and take risks. 

“I'm very proud of the boys because they played to score goals and create chances and not to soak up pressure. This is the team I really like and I take full responsibility for the results. The boys played with heart until the end and also when we had, I think, many chances and unfortunately, we couldn't find the equalizer.” 

A lot of the scoring opportunities that Charlotte FC gave up came about from being too loose with possession in the midfield. That was the one area that Lattanzio believes should have been better and made the difference on the night. 

“That situation [goal scoring opportunity] was created by losing simple balls in midfield and that was the difference and that comes with experience to make the team play and to secure the ball in play rather than flick and kick and try to do things. 

“We know that most teams in MLS set traps in the middle of the park. So, if you try to overplay you create a situation where you can lose it while you are in a position to build [play] so you are open. That’s the one thing we should have done better.” 

Lattanzio stresses that the Club is still very much growing and learning with every match and tough losses like these are part of that process. 

“Listen, we have to grow as a Club. The road to growth also goes through these kinds of games. Where the young players understand the importance of certain details. That you can talk as much as you want until you actually experience those you don’t really fully understand. But when you have them under your skin you understand more. Again, I am very proud, and I take full responsibility for the result.” 

There is no time to dwell on this match as CLTFC have a tough hill to climb to claw back into a playoff spot with their next two matches against MLS Cup favorites, Los Angeles FC and New York City FC. There are still ten matches to go and if this league has shown us something, it’s that anything can happen. 

“What do you want us to do, cry? We go, we put our head up, and go forward. I know we have two big games in difficult places. Two of the biggest contenders to win the league. We need to go, regroup, train, and go forward and try to give a good account of ourselves. To keep improving as a team because we have ten games to go, and there is still time.”