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Dean Smith: "We need that 12th Man again on Saturday."


Charlotte FC is gearing up for an exciting clash against the LA Galaxy this weekend at the Bank of America Stadium. With both teams sitting 5th in their respective conferences, which should make for a thrilling Saturday night in the Quuen City.

Head Coach Dean Smith is coming into the match with a mix of cautious optimism and determination. Reflecting on their recent game against the Chicago Fire, Smith acknowledged that while the performance wasn’t their best, there were positive takeaways.

"It wasn't a pretty game by any means," Smith admitted. "We know we can play a lot better, certainly with the ball and our use of the ball. But again, I was really pleased defensively with how hard work is it as a team, and we're getting better. We're starting to learn about each other."

This defensive resilience and growing team cohesion will be crucial as Charlotte FC prepares to face the formidable LA Galaxy. Smith is fully aware of the challenge ahead, noting the high quality and aggressive play of the Galaxy.

"The quality within their team is there to see, they're an all-star team. When you look at it, a lot of very good players, well coached, quite aggressive going forward. They want to attack, they want to score goals. So yeah, it's gonna be probably our toughest game of the season so far."

For Charlotte FC, the home advantage could play a significant role in their performance. Smith is calling on the fans to show up in large numbers and bring their energy to the stadium.

"Well, hopefully we can attract big numbers. You know, I think winning always attracts more people. A team that's winning attracts more people to the stadium. We want to hook them and make sure that they're enjoying themselves.

"When they come and make the noise that they do, it becomes our 12th Man, and we need that 12th Man again on Saturday."

The match promises to be a real test of Charlotte FC's progress and resilience. With the support of their fans and a focus on leveraging their defensive strengths while improving their ball play, Charlotte FC will look to rise to the occasion against a high-flying LA Galaxy side. As the excitement builds, all eyes will be on Bank of America Stadium this Saturday for what is set to be an electrifying cross-conference encounter .