CHARLOTTE – Lindsey left his hometown of Charlotte when he was 14 years old to pursue his dream of being a professional soccer player. He left for Kansas City to join their MLS team’s academy and eventually worked his way up to the first team.  

He went on to make 67 combined professional appearances in the USL Championship and MLS. Now 21 years old, Lindsey has returned home and today spoke to media about returning to his hometown, recovering from his injury, and training under Charlotte FC Head Coach Miguel Ramírez. 

“I knew at one point in my career I wanted to play for Charlotte. It’s my hometown club. I grew up playing at Charlotte Soccer Academy and all I wanted was to have that team to look up to. It’s a dream come true for me, and now I’m just so excited to play at Bank of America Stadium where I watched so many football and soccer games.” 

Lindsey is participating in Charlotte FC’s preseason but is in the latter stages of recovering from a hamstring injury he suffered during the last MLS season with Sporting Kansas City. 

“The plan is to be fully ready for DC United [on February 26]. Right now, I’m just easing myself back into training. It’s a long season so there is no reason to rush into it. But certainly, the goal is to be ready by our first game.” 

Despite the limited number of training sessions he’s been a part of, Ramírez has already made quite the impression on Lindsey. 

“His play model is different, the positioning, and the way he wants to possess the ball is really, really unique compared to the stuff I’ve learned in the past. He teaches us things we have never thought of but make so much sense. 

“Miguel is very, very instructive. You learn so much from him - it’s like having a teacher on the pitch.” 

Ramírez hasn’t been the only source of wisdom for Lindsey so far this preseason. MLS Cup Champion, Ghana international, and fellow right back, Harrison Afful, is becoming a mentor for the young Charlottean. 

“I’m more than excited to learn from him [Afful]. We already have a great connection. We talk about playing in MLS and his international career. And as much as we are competing [for the starting job], it’s healthy competition.” 

Lindsey and the rest of the team have a lot of learning and work ahead of them with the start of the season rapidly closing in. But with the impending season, Lindsey takes a minute to visualize what that first-ever home game will be like. 

“The image is already in my head; I get goosebumps just talking about it. Growing up watching countless games there [Bank of America Stadium], and now it’s my home field. Hearing all the fans cheering, it’s going to be amazing.”