Jordy Alcívar: "I’m only going to get better with every match"


CHARLOTTE – What a way for Charlotte FC midfielder, Jordy Alcívar, to open up his MLS scoring account. He scored a stunning olimpico that ended up being the difference in the CLTFC’s win against Atlanta United.

“I’m super happy to have scored my first goal.

"I’ve actually been practicing it a lot this week with Mikel (Antía) and Ben Bender. I practiced it a lot so that I could do it well.”

As for the story behind his unique celebration after the goal, he attributes it to a long-time soccer idol of his, Pablo Almera.

“The celebration was something that I had thought about for a long time now. I told myself that whenever I scored I would do this celebration because I had seen it first from Pablo Almera. His dances always inspired me, and I loved the craziness of them.”

As one can imagine, Miguel Ramírez was impressed by his goal but was not surprised. He said that it’s Alcivar's experience growing up and playing soccer in the streets that gives him the 'chip on his shoulder' to try such things in matches.

“Apart from just playing it [street style of soccer], I really enjoy it. I think that I always need to keep playing the game with that same passion I had as a kid. There’s a difference now of course but I want to keep playing that same soccer I played in the streets. That really helped me get from starting at the bottom to where I am now.”

Things are going great for Alcívar who has started in three of the last four matches, but it wasn’t always like this for him. He struggled to get minutes early in the season but didn’t let that discourage him.

“In the beginning, I really struggled, it was a different rhythm, but I didn’t get down, I just kept working to get up to speed to MLS. And now I’m getting there little by little.

“I came here [to MLS] to continue learning. I came here because I knew Miguel Ángel could help me more than staying in Ecuador. I think if I just continue my path, I’m only going to get better with every match. It’s not only because of Ramírez either, it’s also due to my teammates because I don’t play by myself.”

Alcívar comes from a country that is soccer crazy but has been thoroughly impressed with the fans of his new club.

“Honestly from day one I was impressed with the fans. Even though we lost that match, the fans were there and that really touched me. In my country when you lose, they’re gone. But here they keep supporting you and that’s why I love to engage with them.”