CHARLOTTE – After starting the first two matches for Charlotte FC, Joseph Mora didn’t see the pitch again until he got the start against F.C. Cincinnati this past weekend. Not necessarily because of his performances but more for tactical reasons.

“I always give my best week in and week out, but Miguel [Ramírez] made the choice [not to start me] because he is very analytical when it comes to planning for opponents. Sometimes I need to be on the pitch and sometimes not.

“I always work hard and always fight to start... But I know whenever my teammates or I get the opportunity, that we will be unified on the pitch and that we will execute the game plan.”

As to how adapting to head coach Ramirez’s game model has been, Mora says the proof is in the pudding.

“I think the team has been adapting really well [to the game model], you can see on the pitch just how much we have improved in many different areas. The team has been able to cope in matches, which is what we needed to keep growing and get to that MLS level.

“That feeling of controlling the games wasn’t really all there in those first matches of ours compared to how it’s been in our more recent matches. I feel like that has been the key for us these past few games.”

The team has won two straight games but isn’t satisfied. They want to make it three but have a tough away trip to Philadelphia, the number one team in the Eastern Conference.

“It’s a really important game for us this weekend, we’ve won two straight but we want to make it three. We are now going away from home, and we need to show that we are prepared to play those matches.

“But I just want to thank the fans, because, without them, we wouldn’t feel that energy we have in our games. When I first arrived here I was told that there was a lot of interest in the team, so I had been waiting to get close to the fans and for those matches that we’ve had with them recently. Hopefully, we can keep the results coming for them.”

Charlotte FC vs. Atlanta United | Sun, Apr 10 at 1:30 PM

Charlotte FC vs. Atlanta United | Sun, Apr 10 at 1:30 PM

Charlotte FC vs. Atlanta United | Sun, Apr 10 at 1:30 PM