Karol Świderski: "I already missed this city and this team"

Swiderski Press

CHARLOTTE – Due to VISA issues, Charlotte FC striker Karol Świderski lamentably had to watch Charlotte FC’s season opener from home.

“The VISA process takes time, I understand, but I was very sad that couldn’t play in the game. But it’s a new week and we have an important game. First-ever game in history in Charlotte, with a full stadium, this is fantastic and I can’t wait for the next game.

“I feel really good, I was in Poland for like 9 to 10 days, and I already missed this city and this team. But now I have my visa, I’m here, and I’m so happy.”

Świderski's impressions of the match were positive but stresses that it’s still so early on for a team that’s playing together for the first time ever.

“I think we were okay, it was a tough game. I think we had some good moments and good opportunities to score, but finally we lose 3 – 0. But, ok, we are all new players, everything is new in the Club, of course this will need time to work.”

Looking ahead to the game against the L.A. Galaxy, Świderski is looking forward to playing against a quality opponent but even more so excited to play in front of a potential record-breaking MLS home crowd.

“They have some fantastic players in front, like Chicharito and Douglas Costa, it will be a difficult game but we are playing with our fans, in our stadium, in our home so I hope we can get a good result.

“I have never played for 70 to 75 thousand people, this will be an unbelievable feeling. We can’t for this game, we talk about it all the time in the dressing room, having more than 70,000 people behind you is very special.”



3.5.22 | Charlotte FC vs. LA Galaxy

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