For the Carolinas. For the Crown.

Supporters groups and their members are critical to the success and organization of the Supporters Section and the overall matchday environment. Dedication, service, belonging, and entertainment should be key values of any of Charlotte FC supporters groups. 


The Supporters Council, comprised of representatives from each CLTFC supporters groups, will determine the direction and growth of the supporters culture at Bank of America Stadium including TIFOs, chants & songs, and supporters events. In addition, the Supporters Council will help coordinate and execute important community engagement efforts across the Carolinas. This will be a collective group of the loudest and proudest recognized representatives of Charlotte FC fans. The goal is to work together to provide the best matchday environment in Major League Soccer and coordinate a unified and inclusive pre-match atmosphere for all supporters and fans of Charlotte FC.

To continue to be recognized by the Club, a supporters group must adhere to the Supporters’ Council Code of Conduct.


How to Become a Supporter Section Season Ticket Member

Click here for information on other ticket options. Individual matchday tickets will not be available for purchase.

The Supporters Section is first come, first served seating in the Lower Level behind the East Goal. This unique area is where the stadium energy begins which will create a special experience for all fans. Expect to sing, cheer, and stand for 90 minutes.

How to Become a Member of The Council

Below is the list of requirements to become an official Charlotte FC Supporters Group. To apply or inquire further about the process, please e-mail the Council at

  • Must have at least forty (40) Pledged Members with Season Tickets in the Charlotte Football Club Supporters’ Section.
  • No ticket account may count for more than five (5) pledged members.
  • A pledged member can only be counted towards one Supporter Group.
  • Must have a unique logo.
  • Must have a website and activity on at least one (1) social media platform.
  • Must submit a Mission Statement and Supporters’ Group Description that includes a group commitment to abide by the Supporters Code of Conduct.
  • Must have written bylaws, at least three (3) Pledged Members identified as leadership, and a mechanism for adding new members.
  • Must commit to and participate in one (1) community service initiative per quarter.
  • Must be established as a Legal Entity (Business or 501(c)3, 4, or 7).
  • Simply meeting the requirements for membership stated above only establishes eligibility to apply and does not guarantee admittance or voting representation on the council. The Supporters Council may conduct a due diligence process of requesting information from the applicant group, and/or interviews with its leadership. At the conclusion of due diligence, the Supporters Council will vote on admittance.

Click below for more information curated and created by the original (8) self-identified Charlotte FC supporters groups as of summer 2021: