CHARLOTTE – Charlotte FC midfielder Jordy Alcívar’s spectacular Olimpico goal was extra special for his fellow teammate Alan Franco who shares the same Ecuadorian nationality. 

“It was incredible. We get along really well. We have a great relationship on and off the pitch. I am so happy for him because he’s a kid who’s really growing a lot, who has incredible talent and so I always wish nothing but the best for him.” 

It’s now three straight wins in front of the CLTFC home crowd with Franco enjoying it and hoping even more fans come out. 

“It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful to have the support of the fans, the people here in Charlotte. It motivates and helps us. It’s important for us that they are present and cheering us on. It’s something really beautiful, we hope with the growth of the team and the league that even more fans come out to our matches.” 

Charlotte FC head coach Miguel Ramírez had previously stated that the Ecuadorian duo of Alcívar and Franco had struggled early on in adapting to MLS. Franco has attributed it to the increased intensity of the league that he didn't initially expect.

“The intensity. The intensity is something that surprised me from day one. It’s something that the league doesn’t have to be envious of other leagues. It’s a very intense game. A game that you have to constantly defend.

“In those other leagues [Ecuador and Brazil], if you’re dominating the game you’ll have more time on the ball and a chance to relax a bit. But here, you have to keep up the intensity for all 90 minutes.” 

But it didn’t take him long to adapt to his new surroundings, on and off the pitch. 

“Personally and professionally, everything is going really well... It was important for me to be a part of a team that could help me regain my confidence. Miguel Ángel spoke to me about the team and without even having to think about it, I told him I’m going to Charlotte.  

“I feel great on the pitch, I’m getting back to my peak level. In my personal life, also really well. It’s a very pretty and welcoming city. I’m doing super well.” 

On the pitch, adapting has been facilized with the continuous increase of chemistry between Franco and his teammates but specifically the other midfielders. 

“Our chemistry has grown a lot. We knew it was a new team where we all came from different places, had different styles of play, and different ways of thinking about soccer. But now, the chemistry is really good.

“I know Brandt much better, Jordy [Alcívar] who I’ve really played against before, Ben too who plays in an incredible way. It’s something that has improved and that comes from experience together in training and matches.” 

A rematch with the New England Revolution awaits the team this weekend as they look for their first points away from home, a feat the Club hasn’t accomplished so far this season. 

“We know we haven’t won away from home but this week we are working hard to get that first victory away.”