CHARLOTTE – Brandt Bronico started in the first match against Atlanta United and started once again, playing a key role in the rematch. He says that their first encounter with Atlanta was a learning opportunity from which the team applied the lessons learned in order to come out victorious. 

“We learned the style of play they had in real-time, we watched videos of their previous games, but it’s a little different when you actually play against the team. You learn their movements and tendencies. 

“I think just scouting their players and what we learned from the previous game we were able to apply it to this game... 

“Miguel gave us a great game plan. We just needed to go out and do our jobs and execute it, regardless of who is playing... Our defenders and our defensive shape were very organized today and I think we did a good job of shutting them down.” 

Despite only having played under head coach Miguel Ramírez for just two and a half months, Bronico has seen strides in his game that are also attributed to his willingness to learn and push himself. 

“Miguel has been great for me and the rest of the coaching staff. Miguel, then you have Mikel, and Cristian Lattanzio, all those guys, have helped me so much just in the past two and a half months. 

“I told Miguel that I’m a very coachable player. I’m going to do what it takes to get the job done, I just want an opportunity to do that. He’s given me that and I think I’ve done a good job of learning his system. 

“Every single day, every single training session, every single game I try to get better and better at it. To be the number six that he wants and to be a main guy on this team. But yeah, the coaching staff, I couldn’t be more grateful for them.” 

Charlotte has now won three out of their four home matches, which according to Bronico, is in large part due to the fans and the intimidating atmosphere they’ve created at Bank of America Stadium. 

“The supporters are amazing, really, they make this a fortress for us. I think other teams come here and are intimidated by how loud the crowd really is. It’s just an amazing atmosphere. 

Up next for the Crown are four straight away matches, a daunting task, but one that Bronico believes is a wonderful opportunity for the Club to get to that next level. 

“With that being said... if you count U.S. Open Cup, we have four away games. We got to figure out ways to win on the road. I think that’s the next step for us as a team. Figuring out how to win on the road... but we have a really strong group here, a really great group of guys, and guys that know how to get jobs done. 

“I think as an expansion team, we can find the confidence to get wins on the road. I think we have a great opportunity and a great test ahead of us with the rest of this month.”