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Charlotte FC Punished for Missed Chances Against Toronto FC | Full Time

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CHARLOTTE – It was a disheartening night for Charlotte FC as they lost 2 – 0 against Toronto FC for their third-straight loss at home. Despite Charlotte being arguably the better team on the night, it was Toronto that was sharper in the moments that mattered.

It was a contrasting start to the last time these two sides met. This time around, it was Charlotte who took the game to Toronto in the opening half. The team showed urgency and it was rewarded with some great scoring opportunities. If the execution was a tad sharper, Charlotte could have ended up with an early lead.

They went into the half empty-handed despite being the better side through the first 45 minutes.

Charlotte started the second half with a glorious chance for themselves but once again couldn’t take advantage of it and paid for it minutes later. Off a corner kick, an unmarked Lorenzo Insigne managed to make the most of his chance and gave Toronto the lead against the run of play.

The response was positive from Charlotte as they kept their heads high and kept the pressure on. Once again, they managed to create scoring opportunities but couldn’t find the back of the net. In the 66th minute, Toronto winger Federico Bernandeschi sealed the match for Toronto with a world-class strike that curled into the back of the net.

Quality over Quantity

When you play against teams with the quality that Toronto have in Insigne and Bernandeschi, you must capitalize on your scoring opportunities. All it takes is one or two chances for players like that to hurt you. Charlotte once again learned that the hard way.

If you aren’t making the most of your scoring opportunities, all it takes is one moment and bit of quality to lose a match. Charlotte had more of the ball, more of the chances, but Toronto had the better quality finishes that ultimately made all the difference.

Adilson Malanda Debut

Due to a knock to Jan Sobocinski, 20-year-old Adilson made his debut for the club filling in at center back alongside Anton Walkes. The stakes were as high as they could get but the young Frenchman was not phased by the occasion.

He showed maturity beyond his years with his composure and decision-making, rarely putting a bad foot forward. The night as a whole didn’t go the way Charlotte wanted, but Malanda showed he has a bright future in the Queen City.