CHARLOTTE – After what was an eventful international break for Charlotte FC, the team is back together and had their first training session under new head coach Christian Lattanzio. CLTFC defender and captain, Christian Fuchs, admires Lattanzio’s focus on individual development. 

“We are looking forward now to what is coming next. We have a great coach with Christian Lattanzio who has vast experience, for decades. He won the Premier League with Mancini, with Manchester City, I don’t think there is anything else I need to add. 

“He is also very committed to the Club, he could have gone with Patrick Vieira to Crystal Palace but decided to be a part of this new venture. I think that shows how committed he is to the club to bring us forward.” 

“I really love how Christian sees the development of young players or players overall. The player for him is the center of everything. For him, player development comes first, which then creates a great atmosphere and helps the team progress as well. So, if the player feels valued, if the player feels there is someone there to improve him, they are willing to give more.” 

Fuchs couldn’t partake in training today because of his lingering ankle injury but was able to observe and really focus on the atmosphere in training. 

“You win the games by the way you train. It started today. What I saw today... reminded me of my time in England. That’s the way we trained there, with intensity, lots of games, a competitive setup, and players really having a go at each other. That’s what you need. 

“What I’ve seen today, with the desire of the players, with how they had a go at each other, how emotional it was our there... emotional in a good way. How competitive it was out there. I think there is something really good happening right now.”  

While the Club may have undergone a coaching change, Fuchs says that the focus of the players remains the same. 

"It's very simple... we are here to represent our colors. We are here to give everything for Charlotte. There has not been one player that is letting themselves now."