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Christian Lattanzio Not Surpised With the Character the Team Has Shown


CHARLOTTE – There is a common denominator between Charlotte FC’s last two wins – an incredible amount of self-belief. Interim head coach Christian Lattanzio remarked on how the belief to win those matches was made even more impressive considering the tough stretch of matches they had before them.

“The self-belief in those instances is even more impressive because it was off the back of not so good results as well they were against two good teams, one away from home. To have a big belief when things are going well, I'm not saying it's easy, but it's easier because you get the confidence from what you accomplished in terms of results.

“But in this case, it was even more impressive. But again, I wasn't surprised because I see the way they [players] work. And for me, part of that character that you are referring to comes from the way they work. They work with a lot of intensity in training, they challenge each other on a daily basis, and they are coming together more and more as a group on a daily basis."

Lattanzio has said in several interviews and press conferences that building an identity for the Club is the number one priority. Charlotte’s opponent this weekend is a great example of what can happen when a club creates an identity and builds on it over the years.

“Philadelphia also has a very strong identity that they developed in the last few years, and they show how good they've done. They are probably the standout team in this particular season, so we have to respect them but at the same time with a lot of humility. We want to play our own game and we want to give them a hard game.”

Fan Appreciation Week has been ongoing and Lattanzio has not been shy to shower the fans with praise throughout his tenure. Even before signing for the club, Lattanzio could tell there was something special about the soccer fandom in the Carolinas when he first arrived in Charlotte with his family and they attended one of the first Academy matches.

“The support and the passion from the Carolinas in this particular event at the youth level was great, we could see that there was a lot of passion. In the stadium that atmosphere is magical so, I don't think even the weather could stop the passion of the supporters to come to the game on Saturday.

“We love to play in front of our supporters because they showed passion and love from day one. They show how much passion there is in soccer in the Carolinas.”