CHARLOTTE – Charlotte FC have put together two of their best performances of the season in their past two matches. It seems that things are clicking for the team, and as of a result have won back-to-back matches. Interim head coach, Christian Lattanzio, believes it’s good ol’ fashioned hard work that has led to recent success. 

“I think it’s the work that you do on a daily basis on the pitch. So, working on a daily basis. The guys, they're serious, they put intensity in the work that they do. They are hungry, they want to know why we do certain things and they carry out the responsibilities and duties with a lot of professionalism on a daily basis.  

“So, after that the work in my opinion always pays off. And so by repeating and getting better on a daily basis, I don't think that there is any secret formula rather than, you know, keeping, doing what you do to do it at the best of your abilities and to do it on a daily basis on the football pitch. That always, you know, sometimes a pays off better than other times, but ultimately, the individual will improve and therefore the team will improve.” 

This will be the Crown’s third time playing Inter Miami; the first time was in preseason and the second was the 1 – 0 win at home in the early stages of the season. Lattanzio says that Miami are a good team but that this version of Charlotte is different from the last one Miami faced. 

“I think we are different from the team that played Miami. I think we are a team that we're trying to play our own football and trying to like everybody we are trying to find, you know, the magic formula that everybody is looking for... that you create a lot and try to concede less. And we want to play ideally higher up on the pitch as much as possible. 

“In this sense, we want to create more. But obviously we need to have this balance, especially against a team like Miami, and not just them, but they are pretty good in offensive transition because they have good players that can punish you. As soon as you become a little bit loose on the counter-pressing. So, we need to be focused and keep improving on the things that we have been putting together in the last six games."