TORONTO – The 0 – 4 score line in Charlotte FC’s loss to Toronto is deceiving in the eyes of interim head coach Christian Lattanzio. In the end, the final score determines the result, but Lattanzio believes it doesn’t tell the whole story.

“I think that when you look it that way, then it becomes difficult. Apart from the goals scored, you look at the chances... they had 15 shots, we had 11. They had two big chances we had two, they had one big missed chance we had two big missed chances. I think our boys played a game that is correct against Toronto and they went toe to toe.”

A gamechanger was Toronto’s new Italian signings, Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi who stole the show in their triumph. Interim head coach, Christian Lattanzio, states that signings like this don’t just add quality but also a mental boost to the team.

“When you introduce this kind of quality in the team it's not just the players themselves with they show that they have a lot of quality but also the kind of lift that they give to everybody else to play around them.

“So improves the level of the team not just for introducing them as individuals but also gives an extra motivation an extra dimension to everybody else because these are guys that understand football really well technically very gifted play right and so he automatically improves everybody else.”

Fortunately for CLTFC, they have three straight home games ahead of them where they can turn things around.

“We have got many games to play. And we know we have a target of a number of wins that we need to achieve. And we will take one game at a time and we will be prepared for each game at a time. We have to put our heads up and we cannot feel sorry for ourselves, we have got a week to prepare and go for the next game.

“We will have three games in a row at home, in front of our support, as they create always a magical environment. We will want that even more now because the team needs them even more. And we want to make them proud and play the kind of football the brand of football that we will be playing.

“So, we have this is the moment where you see the character of everyone. We have to stay together. We have to be strong. Everybody has to support each other and then we have to move on because our objective is still the same and we still have got time to achieve it.”