Ingredients of the Match

Cultivate a Ruthless Edge | Ingredients of the Match


Charlotte FC faces a packed schedule ahead, with six matches lined up throughout May. Fortunately, they'll enjoy home advantage for four games at Bank of America Stadium. Their first challenge in this bustling period comes by way of the Portland Timbers to kickstart the action.

Here are the three ingredients of the match:

Portland's Duality

While the Timbers currently occupy the 11th spot in the Western Conference standings, their position doesn’t tell the whole story. They boast the league's third-best offense, netting an impressive 20 goals in just ten matches. Notably, they have an ability to rally from behind, often salvaging draws from seemingly dire situations.

However, there's a flip side to their performances. Portland also holds the undesirable distinction of conceding the second-highest number of goals in the league, averaging at least two goals conceded per match. While they're not a team to be taken lightly, their defensive vulnerabilities could offer opportunities for opponents like Charlotte to exploit.

Remaining defensively sound and focused will be necessary as the Timbers have major attacking threats across the board. Another priority will be taking advantage of a fragile defense.

Cultivate a Ruthless Edge

A common occurrence in both of Charlotte’s losses against Minnesota United and New York City FC is that Charlotte started the matches strong. Against Minnesota, they generated two massive scoring opportunities within the first 15 minutes and did so again against NYCFC.

As Dean Smith says, “Goals change games.”

Had Charlotte capitalized on those early opportunities and secured a two-goal lead in those matches, the outcomes might have been different. Developing the killer instinct to finish games decisively is a skill Charlotte has yet to master. However, once they do, they'll likely find themselves on the winning end more frequently.

Stay Resilient, Look Ahead

Charlotte's heart-wrenching loss to NYCFC in stoppage time serves as a reminder of past struggles reminiscent of last season's late-match collapses. Nonetheless, the team has shown improvement this season, albeit with occasional setbacks.

It's imperative for Charlotte to regroup mentally and avoid dwelling on a single result. Instead, they should channel their focus towards rectifying their mistakes in front of their home crowd. With four out of six matches in May set to be played at home, Charlotte has a prime opportunity to make significant strides in their 2024 campaign.

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Four Saturdays. Four Matches. For The Crown.

Four Saturdays. Four Matches. For The Crown.

Party with Charlotte FC all month long! It’s match MAYhem as The Crown hosts a home match every Saturday in May.