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Daniel Ríos: "We are still fighting, we still believe"


CHARLOTTE – Interim head coach Christian Lattanzio put his trust in Daniel Ríos once again as the Mexican striker made his fourth straight start. Ríos’s paid back his coach’s trust in him with a remarkable four-goal performance which extended Charlotte FC’s winning streak to three in a row. 

“Everyone is so happy, the music is loud, we are celebrating three points and four goals against a team like Philadelphia. It's an amazing moment right now.” 

Ríos ranked this match as one of the top three best games of his career and went as far as to say that it probably tops the list. However, it hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine for the Club but the team is still believing and fighting until the very end. 

“I think we are doing on the field what the fans expect from us. It hasn’t been an easy season, but we are still fighting, we still believe and I’m so happy that I was able to score. I’m so happy for the team and for all the fans. 

There is no doubt that the Charlotte FC fans had an impact on the match. The energy they bring even before the match begins to the very last whistle is contagious, and Ríos says that the players feed off of it. 

“It’s amazing, we feel the support from all the fans. We get encouraged by them and on the field, we know that everything we do is for them. They get super loud every time they don’t a call from the ref, or every foul, or every goal where they just throw the beer everywhere. It’s amazing. Before the game even started, everyone is turned around jumping – we feel that energy and we appreciate all the support from the fans.”