MTL Full Time

As if things weren’t difficult enough coming into this match, CLTFC conceded only 6 minutes into the match. Like in their previous meeting, it was Romell Quioto who was involved in the goal, but this time he was the goal scorer.

But like they did against the Columbus Crew last week, the Crown didn’t falter but rather responded just three minutes later with a goal of their own. It was from the unlikeliest of candidates, center back Guzmán Corujo puts away the goal off a cross from fellow defender Anton Walkes.

All the action in the first half came in those opening ten minutes as the rest of it was for the most part uneventful. The opening of the second half resembled the first. CLTFC once again made things difficult for themselves by conceding a far too easy goal in the 47th minute.

This time the Crown didn't have a response. And much like the first, the rest of match was a bit of a lull. Things started to liven up when CLTFC made substitutions, the team moved the ball quicker, and for the first time all match, started to really threaten Montreal.

The added energy was rewarded with the best chance of the night for CLTFC that fell to Karol Świderski, right in front of goal, but he wasn’t able to strike it cleanly to earn the point away. The draw was there for the taking, but it was a valiant effort in the end as CLTFC made Montreal work for the result.


Against the Columbus Crew, Charlotte FC earned their first ever point away from home after conceding first. They bounced back from conceding right before halftime to earn their second away point.

But Charlotte FC faced an even steeper mountain against Montreal. Down ten players due to heath protocols, most of them attacking options, the Crown had all the odds against them. And then they conceded in the 6th minute...

However, Charlotte remained resilient and were able to equalize just minutes earlier. Despite the final result, the team showed their toughness by staying in the match until the very end. Individual examples of resilience were the three young players who were thrust into their MLS debuts out of necessity: George Marks, Koa Santos, and Quinn McNeill.

The moment was not too grand for all of them as they did exactly what they were asked to do. While the result was disappointing, interim head coach Lattanzio will have learned much about his team’s resilience and depth.