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Jaylin Lindsey: "Any kind of loss is a loss that we can learn from"


CHARLOTTE – It was a tough night for Charlotte FC in their loss against Chicago Fire and no one took it harder than right back and Charlotte native, Jaylin Lindsey. He feels that what cost the team the game were the defensive lapses the Crown had at times. 

“Chicago is a good team, they have some good individual players. Any kind of loss is a loss that we can learn from, especially one like today. I felt like it was kind of back and forth but to be honest, there were times where I think our team just kind of switched off a little bit. And that's when they capitalized. So that's obviously something that we'll work on in the week, look back on film, and try to get better.” 

Lindsey started the match for the first time since the end of June and made the most of it. He assisted the early goal by Yordy Reyna with a pinpoint cross and was lively on both offense and defense. 

"I felt pretty good out there, I know I'm a capable player and competent player to go out there and do what's best for the team. All I try to do anytime I step on the pitch, whether I'm playing, 90 minutes or if it's 10 minutes, I just want to go out there and do what's best for the team. I felt really good today and I feel like I put in a good performance.” 

Consistency is an area that CLTFC continues to struggle with, but Lindsey believes once they can put in consistent 90-minute performances that the wins will begin to increase and that deflating losses like against Chicago are the ones the team can learn from the most. 

“For 90 minutes, we have to be tuned in all throughout the game, I think, if we play how he played like the last 10 - 15 minutes of the game here at home for 90 minutes, we're going win a lot of games. It’s just a learning process, especially in our first year. So, we're still learning. But we still have, 10 or nine games left to go, so there's a lot to improve on.”