CHARLOTTE – It’s been an interesting past few weeks to say the least for Charlotte FC’s newest DP signing, Kamil Jóźwiak. Charlotte FC had every intention to sign Jóźwiak earlier in the year, but a last-minute injury derailed the transfer. However, things change fast in soccer. 

“The last few weeks were so busy for me, like a rollercoaster, when I got injured, I was thinking that the transfer to Charlotte was gone but my recovery was faster than what everyone thought. 

“Now I’m feeling good, yesterday was my first day running on the pitch and doing work with the ball. Now I have to wait for my VISA, we don’t know how long we will have to wait... I hope it can be as fast as possible. I think I need two weeks to be able to train fully with the team, so I think that will be similar to the VISA.” 

As to what attracted him to come to Charlotte after life in England, apart from the weather, it was the magnitude of the project and the Charlotte FC fans. 

“In the last game I could see how big this project is, also the demand of me as a designated player. I want to achieve a lot with Charlotte, I can see how big this Club is, how many fans we’ve got, for me it is very interesting, I’m very happy that I can be a part of this project.” 

Jóźwiak experienced his new club’s fans firsthand at the inaugural home match versus L.A. Galaxy, where he was quietly in attendance awaiting the final stages of his transfer. 

“That was something unbelievable. I have never seen something like that. I’ve played in big stadiums, even at Wembley... but that atmosphere in that last game was really amazing. I never expected something like that, I hope fans come out to do it again... that to me looked like a Champions League final.” 

Charlotte FC already has two other Polish players on their roster, Karol Świderski and Jan Sobociński, so Jóźwiak will be arriving in Charlotte to a couple familiar faces to help him get settled. 

“I know Karol [Świderski] very well, we played together in the Polish U-19s, U-21s, and in the first team. I also know Jan [Sobociński] from the U-21s. I know Karol better because we played a lot more games together, I think our cooperation should be good, I hope you see it on the pitch.”  

Even though he hasn’t been on the pitch, Jóźwiak has followed the team closely in these early stages and believes there is something special brewing. 

“I know we lost the first three games, but I know it’s never easy for a brand-new club, a lot of new players. They need more time to play together. I’ve watched every game, I’m really positive about what I’ve seen, the last game was really unlucky.

“I know in the future we can achieve a lot. I know how good Karol is and the other players. I know MLS is not an easy league, but I think with our quality we can achieve a lot. I know the first season will be really difficult but I’m feeling positive.”

Inaugural Season Tickets

Inaugural Season Tickets