Guzmán Corujo joins Charlotte FC from Nacional as the seventh-ever signing for the club. Read on to learn more about the club’s new signing. 

Playing Career 

Corujo was born in Rodríguez, a small town just north of Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo. He did not have to travel far to begin his professional playing career, joining nearby Nacional in the capital city in his teens. 

Founded in 1899, Club Nacional de Football is one of the biggest and oldest teams in the Uruguayan Primera División. Corujo spent his entire playing career up until now with Nacional. He made his debut for them in 2017 and went on to make over 100 appearances for the club. 

During his time there, he became co-captain and won the league twice. He also made 22 appearances in the Copa Libertadores, the prestigious continental club competition in South America. 

Play Style  

Standing at 6-foot-2, Corujo lines up as a right center back in defense. His defending is reminiscent of more traditional, old-fashioned center backs. This means he is aggressive in his duels and tackles hard, but is intelligent in his defending. 

His height and athleticism help him win headers at both ends of the pitch and is a threat on attacking set pieces. He also describes himself as ultra-competitive, wanting nothing else but to win. 


On the pitch Corujo is fiery and vocal, but off the pitch, he is quite the opposite. He is laid-back and enjoys the more tranquil parts of life. Mate is at the core of his more serene lifestyle.  

Pronounced “mah-tay,” it is a type of tea native to South America cultivated from the leaves and young twigs of the mate tree. It is an integral part of Uruguayan culture, and for many, it is much more than just a hot beverage. 

“It’s an infusion of warm yerba mate that accompanies us for a large part of the day. It helps start conversations when you are with someone,” Corujo describes. “But it also gives you company when you are alone.” 

For Corujo, drinking mate is a demonstration of values such as solidarity, companionship, respect, kindness, modesty, and generosity.