Ingredients of the Match

Let Creators Create | Ingredients of the Match


Charlotte FC takes their first trip of the season to Canada for the first of their back-to-back away matches starting against Toronto FC. Charlotte didn't manage to earn any points against the Reds last season but have an opportunity to do so this weekend and make gains up the Eastern Conference table.

Here are the three ingredients of the match against Toronto:

Let Creators Create

We saw some of the creative talent of Charlotte FC on full display against the Red Bulls. Charlotte has the luxury of having several playmakers like Kerwin Vargas, Karol Świderski, Nuno Santos, and now Vinicius Mello. Getting the most out of these players will remedy the low scoring nature of CLTFC's season.

So how do you do that? By putting the creators in positions to utilize their unique skillset. Too many times against the New York Red Bulls the creative players had to drop deep, and it limited the threat they could possess.

Every player has defensive responsibilities but it’s about finding the right balance. Sway too much defensively and it can stagnate the attack but go too attacking and you run the risk of conceding goals easily. The point is when Charlotte’s creators are able to play more advanced, good things happen.

Starting with Urgency

Early in the season Charlotte have been slow to start matches. They’ve been either under pressure or pedestrian in the first 15 minutes of matches. It takes a bit for the team to get established and “impose their game” which is head coach Christian Lattanzio’s goal.

They didn’t show much urgency in the first half against the Red Bulls but when they turned it up after going down a goal, they were able to impose their game like they wanted which resulted in a goal. The team needs that urgency from the first minute which is especially important for the next ingredient...

Make Bernardeschi Uncomfortable

Euro 2020 winner with Italy, Lorenzo Insigne, is the face of Toronto FC but it’s fellow Italian Federico Bernardeschi who is the guy. Charlotte fans know Bernardeschi all too well because he scored in each of the matches against the Crown last season.

Serving as the offensive catalyst of the team, he’s already notched two goals and two assists through the first five matches of the season. If the Italian gets into a rhythm early, you’ve already lost. It’s vital that the team makes him uncomfortable by being physical and not allowing anything to come easy for him as soon as the whistle blows.

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