Miguel Presser Thumb

CHARLOTTE – Another week and another new face in training for Charlotte FC. Forward Kerwin Vargas, the Club’s second U-22 Initiative player, took part in his first-ever training session for his new club. Head coach Miguel Ramírez describes what Vargas brings to the team.

“I just came from a meeting with him. Before going deep into the game model, just to know each other. For me to know, for him to know. Where we come from, our pathway, our history. Also, for him to know some important things for me in the daily activity.

“First, he can play in different positions, both wings and center forward, that’s really important for us. Second, he is very aggressive attacking the spaces, that is something we are missing in the squad. Having this aggressiveness to attack space inside or outside.

“And then he has this South American spirit in the 1 v 1, to go brave and beat you. He’s very encouraged to go and beat the fullback with his determination. He’s super happy, it was a long way to get here, and also we are happy to have him.”

Charlotte’s next opponent is the Vancouver Whitecaps who have used different formations and systems throughout the season. Ramírez and his staff are preparing their team for many different potential setups the Caps could through at them.

“[Vancouver is] completely different from the last game because they play completely different. Now it’s just giving them [the players] information, giving the players the tools to say, ok, we can face this OR we can face this because they switch the formation and system.

“I don’t want my players going to the game without the information and tools to solve what they can face. We are trying to deliver the information and to give them the tools to go to the exam on Sunday and pass it.”

This will be the last match of CLTFC’s three home game stretch before they head to New Jersey to play the Red Bulls in the U.S. Open Cup followed by the Seattle Sounders away. On When asked if he viewed the Vancouver match as a must win, he was adamant about every match being a must win.

“I come here every day at seven in the morning, must win. If not I don’t come at seven and stay until seven in the evening. I work always to prepare the game for my players to win. Always seeing how I can help my players to win this game.

“This is always my mentality. I always face every single game, I don’t care who’s in front... how can I do, how can I train, how can we play to win this game.”