CHARLOTTE – Charlotte FC lost a tough one against the New England Revolution where they played perhaps their best away match of the season. Head coach Miguel Ramírez is most proud of the team executing their game model but is disappointed not to come away with more from the match.

“The sensations I had on the pitch, for the most part, were very good. I said it a while back, but I get the most satisfaction out of seeing my team compete despite the results. And today we competed.

“We were right there with last year’s Eastern Conference champion and record-breakers and they have marvelous players that have been together for a long time. For me, the fact that we were going head-to-head with them and even scored against them is something to be proud of.

“I only have praise for the players, hurt as we are with the result, it was a match that I think we could have not only just tied but won. When my team is closer to winning than losing, playing our game model, it always makes me happy.”

“I’m disappointed, we deserved to score more goals. But against these kinds of teams, if you miss your chances, they don’t forgive you.”

Despite the final result, Ramírez believes this match was one that epitomizes the team’s commitment to playing their game model whether it is home or away.

“I believe today is the best example that we don’t care if we are playing home or away. Today, being away in the house of the record-breaking team last season.

“We were on the front end, we were aggressive, we were pressing, we were domaining the ball. Most of the time in the opposite half and arriving with chances. I believe this game is the best example of our philosophy.”

Even the Revolution’s coaching staff and players praised CLTFC’s commitment to their unique style of play and identity.

“We received praise from New England’s coaching staff and players, saying Miguel it’s incredible how you are playing. Keep doing what you are doing because the MLS is seeing a team that has a very clear identity and that not only tries to dominate with the ball but accomplishes it.

“It was a tough battle but a beautiful one that I really enjoyed... I feel truly fortunate to have these players and that they are able to play so well and the way that I want them to."

Charlotte FC captain and defender, Christian Fuchs, shares the same sentiment as his coach that he believes they played really well and deserved something more out of the match.

"We were very determined to get three points here. It didn't work. Today is the type of game of football where you might be the better team but you don't win. I think we were dominant over the whole 90 minutes.

"New England will have one or two spells throughout the game but the way we played I think was very impressive overall. We felt very comfortable on the ball, in possession. Honestly, I gotta say I am really disappointed overall. Because of the effort we put into the game, again dominating throughout 90 minutes, it just hurts a little bit to walk off without any points."