Miguel Ramírez: 'We are getting closer to the team we want to be'

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CHARLESTON – Fresh off an intense, fiery preseason game against the Columbus Crew, Charlotte FC head coach Miguel Ramírez first noted how proud he was of the team's fighting spirit.

“I’m really happy with the spirit, fighting until the end, trying until the end.”

Perhaps the most notable part of the game, however, was a scuffle between the two teams after Charlotte FC’s Yordy Reyna committed a foul and was shoved by the opposing player. The scuffle included not only the players on the pitch but even the benches of both teams. Ramírez made it clear to his team that he does not condone this behavior no matter who starts it.

“I don’t like this at all, not at all... it’s not a good message for anyone. I spoke with them [the team] and told them listen guys this is not my style. This will not be the style of this club.”

When Reyna was shoved, all of Charlotte FC’s players rushed over to defend their teammate Reyna, in what was an early sign of the bond being created between these group of players, who most were strangers up until a month ago.

The scuffle seemed to have sparked something within the group, which for the rest of the match seemed to fight that much harder for each other. This togetherness is something that Ramírez has looked to build and wasn’t surprised to see it on display.

“They all want to succeed and win, they all have the same target. When you have the same target, when you and I have the same target, we will go together, we will fight together to reach these targets.”

Overall, the team’s performance showed improvement from their opening match against the Battery. Certain things stood out to Ramírez that demonstrated that the team is making progress.

“The defending behaviors, the defending techniques were much better today. Attacking [wise], we were understanding the spaces. Ok, they [the opponent] are jumping, this is the free man, now we can progress, speed up.”

“We are on our way, we are getting closer to the team we want to be”