Miguel Ramírez: "We had the confidence that there is no way that we lose"


CHARLOTTE – It was a solid showing for Charlotte FC back at home as they worked hard to earn their 4th straight win at home. Even though they held most of the possession, the match was closer than what the possession stats suggest. Head coach Miguel Ramírez shares his analysis of the match.

“I felt there were different moments and phases in the game. They [Miami] know how to press how to be compact. They competed really, really well. They made our control and game more difficult.

“But especially in the first half, we had a lot of control and chances. And even being more vertical than usual. But when you don’t score when you get these chances then you have to suffer. Because of course, the opponent will get their chances too.”

A lot of the control and chances created were in large part due to the team's formation change to a 433. The team got into positions where they could have scored two or three more goals, but the most important thing for Ramírez is that the team created as many chances as they did.

“For me the most important thing is to create these opportunities. It’s to be in the opposite half, in the last third, with bodies and players everywhere to create the superiorities.

“I tell my players, that when we arrive there [final third] something needs to happen. A shot, a pass, a corner, something. Because we did all the job to put you in a good position and situation to create something.”

One of these sequences in the final third led to Yordy Reyna and newcomer Andre Shinyashiki linking up for the game-winning goal. It didn't surprise Ramírez as it was something that they had worked on in training all week.

“It was something that we worked on in training, especially this week. Because we were going with a new system, for a 433. We needed to spend time on the patterns and especially in the final third, how to penetrate. It was something already trained and practiced in the training sessions.”

“Having more depth, when in games like today, when we aren’t able to break through. Having this depth, having these possibilities in every position, gives us this chance to change the game.”

Bank of America Stadium is becoming a fortress for the team, and Ramírez and his players had no doubt they would get a result against Miami playing in front of their fans.

“Before the game, we had the confidence that there is no way that we lose because we feel we are more than 11 players on the pitch. The engagement and commitment of the fans of this club is outstanding.”

“What I want for them to know is how we appreciate this atmosphere. And every coach that is coming to me is saying the same thing. They're saying what is going on here [Charlotte] is simply amazing. That the atmosphere you have in this stadium is unbelievable. I need them [the fans] to know how important they have been to our performances.