Ingredients of the Match

Play the Match, Not the Moment | Ingredients of the Match


Charlotte FC's playoff fate hangs in the balance as they face a crucial, must-win match against Inter Miami at Bank of America Stadium on Decision Day.

Here are the three ingredients of the match:

Play the Match, Not the Moment

As the referee's whistle signaled the start of Charlotte's match against Inter Miami this past Wednesday, the players' jitters were palpable. There was an unusual unease in Charlotte's style of play, resulting in individual errors and unnecessary turnovers. It appeared from the outside that the gravity of the occasion had an effect on the match, which is entirely understandable given the high stakes of a playoff-deciding match.

While Charlotte managed to escape without severe consequences for some of their errors, they might not be as fortunate on Saturday. Certainly, the significance of the moment and the potential playoff berth are critical, but that shouldn't dictate the team's approach. Focusing on playing the match rather than being overwhelmed by the moment will help ease nerves and enable the players to execute the game plan more effectively.

At the end of the day, it's still the same 22 players, the same pitch, and the same 90 minutes as any other game. It's certainly much easier said than done to put aside the occasion, but if Charlotte FC can, they will be able to play with the freedom their style demands.

Tracking Attacking Runs

Both goals Charlotte conceded against Inter Miami shared a common issue – ball watching. The initial goal they allowed involved a bending ball towards the back post, with two Miami players left unattended. This left Nicolás Stefanelli with an open opportunity to set up his shot and score from a challenging angle. The second goal unfolded as Leo Campana was granted both space and time to deliver a pass to a sprinting Robbie Robinson, who cleverly sneaked in between Jaylin Lindsey and Adilson Malanda, going unnoticed for an easy tap-in goal.

In both of these instances, Charlotte's players were guilty of fixating on the ball, neglecting their responsibility to track the opposing runners in their vicinity. This oversight allowed Miami to score two uncontested goals. Third man runs, dynamic players arriving late, and good line-breaking passers are all major staples of a Tata Martino team that now make up the identity of this Miami side. Charlotte should expect more of the same come Saturday, especially considering Miami's line-up is expected to become even stronger for the upcoming match at Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte's defense must sharpen its focus on tracking runs in the box.

Desire to Win

As much of a cliché as it may sound, the outcome of games often hinges on which team displays greater determination. While sound tactics and the right personnel are essential, their effectiveness pales in comparison to a team's hunger to compete. In the latter stages of their midweek draw against Inter Miami, it appeared as though the home side was the one fervently pursuing a playoff spot.

Charlotte will enjoy a twofold advantage, having both a tangible goal to strive for and the support of their fervent fans. This is the regular season where every match holds immense significance, and when fatigue sets in, they can draw inspiration from the energy of their dedicated supporters. Head Coach Christian Lattanzio emphasized the team's desire to make their fans proud, and this represents their final opportunity in the regular season to accomplish just that.

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