Ingredients of the Match

Reinvigorated | Ingredients of the Match


After enduring a challenging two-week journey away from home, Charlotte FC finally returns to their turf as they prepare to face one of the headline teams of the past decade. Although the Seattle Sounders may not exhibit the same form as before, they still possess the pedigree to make things difficult for the Crown.

Here are the three ingredients of the match against the Sounders:

Crossing Threat

Looking at the five goals the Sounders conceded through their previous 4 matches, three of which were losses, you discover a common trend – Seattle are susceptible to crosses. Every single one of the five goals they conceded came from some sort of cross into the box. The reason behind this is that Seattle struggle to get their defense set in preparation for crosses so it leads to opposing players being able to get free from their markers.

By implementing an aggressive approach, Charlotte can create numerical advantages through diverse runs into the box and complement it with precise delivery. This strategy will unlock scoring opportunities, even against one of the league's top defenses. Notably, Kerwin Vargas and Justin Meram have consistently posed a threat with their exceptional delivery throughout the season, and their efforts might bear fruit in this particular match.

Positional Mistakes

Charlotte’s defensive fragility has been an ongoing trend in 2023. Even though the scoring output has increased compared to last season but it’s not enough to make up for conceding an average of nearly two goals per match (1.76).

Individual mistakes have been at the forefront of the defensive woes but more specifically positional mistakes have punished the team on several occasions. Positional mistakes can lead to exploitable gaps, disorganization, and even hindering transition play on both sides of the ball. In the previous matches against the Philadelphia Union and Columbus Crew, poor defensive positioning was the culprit for every single goal conceded.

To prevent positional mistakes, it is crucial to prioritize awareness, communication, and discipline. Although Charlotte has faced challenges on the defensive end due to positional errors, the silver lining is that they have the power to address and enhance this aspect through deliberate measures against the Sounders.


“I think we didn’t start well at all, we didn’t start with the intensity and focus that I wanted,” is what Head Coach Christian Lattanzio said to start his post-match press conference after the loss to the Columbus Crew.

A poor start that lacked intensity and focus ended up digging a hole too deep for Charlotte to climb out of. Factors like the congested schedule and being away from may play a factor but Lattanzio has made it abundantly clear that there is never an excuse for not bringing at the very least intensity.

Following a week of well-deserved rest at home and the exhilaration of performing before passionate fans, Charlotte FC is poised to experience a revitalizing surge of strength and energy, setting the stage for a promising start to the second half of the season.

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