On March 5th, 2022 Charlotte FC will have the opportunity to start their legacy in Hollywood fashion. The inaugural home match will be on the biggest stage against an iconic opponent: primetime on a Saturday night at 8 pm against the Los Angeles Galaxy.

It also has the potential to be a record-breaking night if Charlotte manages to pack the stadium. A sellout would break the MLS single-game attendance record currently held by rivals Atlanta United.

“This match is a massive opportunity for Charlotte FC to make our first impression in Major League Soccer, but also to soccer’s global audience,” said Club President Nick Kelly. “Playing against one of the most recognizable brands in the world in our inaugural home match only heightens the anticipation and makes this a truly historic moment in Charlotte sports history. We’ve been bold in making our goals known for this match—to achieve a sellout crowd and have the most attended game in league history—and we’re confident everyone across the Carolinas will come together to create an unrivaled environment to help bring home the first of many points at Bank of America Stadium.”

In fact, there could be a chance that Charlotte FC’s inaugural home match will be the highest attended match in the world on that day. However, they’ll be facing stiff competition from Bayern Munich. With Bank of America Stadium and Allianz Arena having almost the same capacity, let’s hope Bayern has an off day in attendance... maybe some snow please?

Ironically, both clubs are in completely different stages in their existence. On the one hand, Charlotte FC is new, still working on its identity, and full of potential and on the other hand the LA Galaxy is an established club with a rich history.

Every nation has those teams that are recognized throughout the world. England has Manchester United, Germany has Bayern Munich, Spain has Barcelona, Mexico has Club América, Brazil has Flamengo, and the United States?

Don’t yell at me, but it's the LA Galaxy.

Even if you don’t follow U.S. Soccer, chances are you’ve heard the name LA Galaxy at some point. One of the original 10 MLS teams, the Galaxy have established a legacy that has gone beyond the borders of the country.

"Over in Europe, the LA Galaxy is the club everyone hears about when it comes to MLS," said Charlotte FC Head Coach Miguel Ramírez. "And after many years of hearing about them, I have a chance to play against them, it's amazing. Having an opponent like the LA Galaxy will be a huge motivator for all of us."

The name “Galaxy” is derived from Los Angeles being home to the numerous “stars” of Hollywood. And the Galaxy have definitely lived up to their city’s reputation as being a team that brings in the biggest soccer stars from around the world.  

The Galaxy have featured stars such as ex-Manchester United, Real Madrid, and England National Team player David Beckham, as well as arguably the greatest American player of all time, Landon Donovan, which the MLS Most Valuable Player award is named after. 

But they don’t only bring stars, they also earn them. In MLS, when you win the prestigious MLS Cup, a star will be added above your club’s crest to represent it. 

LA Galaxy have a record amount of five stars above their crest, a visual reminder of the most successful team in MLS history... I know they’re our opponent, but the stats don’t lie. 

Accompanying their five MLS Cups, they have also won four Supporter’s Shields, two U.S Open Cups, and topped the Western Conference eight times. 

Teams get brand recognition through winning, and the Galaxy’s impressive trophy case speaks for itself. It’s the envy of the league and what teams strive for.


"This game is an opportunity to announce to the league and the world that we are here,” said Ramírez. “All the big clubs around the world are made by the people. The fans. So I really hope that we can break the attendance record and bring an incredible atmosphere to Bank of America on that special day.”

In a way, you could say Charlotte FC and LA Galaxy are opposites, but both will have a common goal on that special day: to start the season strong by winning the game. It will be a historic occasion for Charlotte and what better way to start the Queen City legacy than by dimming the lights of the City of Stars.