It wasn’t long ago when U-17 Charlotte FC Academy player, Boni Salinas, found out that his grandmother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, Boni has been supporting Mama Viki by spreading awareness.

How would you describe your relationship with your grandmother? What does she mean to the family? How much time do you spend with her?

My relationship with my grandma is fun and motivating. My grandma means a lot to my family. We love spending time with her. She has shown us how to be strong even in hard circumstances. I go see my grandma often and mostly on weekends is when I get to spend more time with her.

When you found out that your grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, what compelled you to shave your head?

When my cousins and I found out she had cancer, one of my cousins suggested we shave our heads to show her that we really care about her and want her to feel comfortable. So, when she started to lost her hair, we shaved our heads.

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What have you been doing to support your grandmother since she started treatment?

I keep her company when she can’t go out and help provide her medicine.

Why is it important for you to raise awareness for breast cancer?

I think it is important to spread awareness so you can detect breast cancer early. The earlier you can detect it, the better.

What are some ways that someone can help support a loved one battling cancer whether it’s a friend or family member?

Spending time and keeping a friend or family member company is a great way to show support.

Does your grandmother’s bravery inspire you on the field when you’re playing soccer?

My grandma is always a big motivation for me when I’m on the field. She has shown me and all my family how to be strong through the toughest situations.

Local and National charities that support breast cancer: