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Charlotte FC Wants to Create a Culture of Not Taking Losses and Draws Lightly

Lattanzio New

HARRISON, NJ – Interim head coach Christian Lattanzio was visibly frustrated after the match, and for good reason. Charlotte FC dominated possession holding 74% of it and created several scoring opportunities throughout the match but had nothing to show for it at the end. The frustration stems from knowing that his team is capable of finishing off games like these. 

“I said to the boys that I feel angry and frustrated but that shows how far they have come as a team. I thanked them because it’s been a pleasure to work with them on a daily basis, they’ve been really good but if we want to push to the next level we have to play even stronger, mentally, especially mentally. 

“When we play a game like today with so much ball possession, with so many possibilities to score goals. I felt like we played again as we did in Cincinnati, as we did in other places where we were dominant, but we come out empty-handed. That has to stop, that has to stop, next season I don’t want to have that.” 

Goalkeeper Pablo Sisniega echoed his coach’s sentiment and attributes it to the culture that the team is developing. 

“I think we are trying to build where we don’t take a loss or a tie lightly and where we try and win games home and away.” 

Charlotte went to Red Bull Arena and outplayed the 4th ranked team in the East, something that has been a common occurrence in Charlotte’s inaugural season. Throughout it, regardless of where the team stood in the standings, they have always given their opponent a challenge. 

“This is what makes me proud – that our team and for an expansion team it is not a given, to be able to go on every pitch home and away and to be in control and to try and play the wait that suits us,” said Lattanzio on what he’s most proud of from the team in their inaugural season. 

Despite the season not ending how Charlotte would have liked, there are many positives to build off the heading into year two. Sisniega believes the last five matches of the season especially modeled how the team wants to continue. 

“It was a season full of ups and downs, but the last five games especially showed the idea that we had, how we want to play, and so I think it is really encouraging for coming into next season, to build off those last five games and use them as a building block going forward.” 

With the curtains falling on Charlotte FC’s first-ever season in history, Pablo Sisniega had some final words to say to the fans who have been

“I want to thank the fans for having our backs throughout the season. It was an incredible first year with them. They traveled really well and when we were at home the atmosphere was electric every single game we were there. Thank you for your support throughout the entire year.”