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Dean Smith: "I certainly believe we'll win a lot more games than we lose"


So much of success in competitive sports hinges on mental fortitude and maintaining stability through both victories and defeats.

Charlotte FC Head Coach Dean Smith has consistently emphasized the importance of not becoming entangled in the emotional highs and lows that accompany a season. Whether it's the exhilaration of winning their season opener in front of over 62,000 fans or the disappointment of conceding a late-season contender goal in the 80th minute, the team has already experienced a significant emotional rollercoaster just three matches into their season.

Rather than reacting impulsively to losses, Smith advocates for his team to remain resolute and have faith that their efforts will ultimately pay off.

"I told you from the moment I came here that I won't get too high when we win, and I didn't after New York, and I won't get too low when we don't," said reiterated Smith. "It's the nature of football at times. Some decisions have gone for us, some have gone against us so far already but as long as we keep performing to our capabilities, then I certainly believe we'll win a lot more games than we lose."

It hasn't been on the defensive side that Charlotte's early struggles have stemmed from as they've largely limited their opponents' chances despite having played in two back-to-back home openers against Vancouver and Toronto.

"We've done our job in keeping crowds quiet, and it's certainly not not been any any anywhere near the atmosphere that we create it at the Bank of America," smirked Smith.

It's in the attack where Charlotte haven't been able to capitalize. As part of their efforts to strengthen their attacking prowess, the team signed the prolific winger Liel Abada. Coach Smith anticipates that Abada will be eligible for selection in their upcoming match against FC Cincinnati on March 30th. In the meantime, Smith emphasizes that the team's sturdy foundation will pave the way for a more dynamic offensive.

"You have to build foundations first, allow yourself to be an offensive team. I think that's what we've done so far with the players. Give them foundations of where we want teams to play against us when they have the ball. But then, what are we good at when we win the ball back?

"I think we've created some really good counter-attacking opportunities, but we're probably not delivering as best as we could on those opportunities. When the opposition have gotten behind the ball, we've been patient and drawn them out at times, and our set pieces have improved.

“There's lots of improvements to be done, but I've been quietly pleased with what we've done so far in a short amount of time."

Charlotte FC concludes their three-match away series in Nashville, facing a team fresh from a midweek defeat against Inter Miami in the Champions Cup. In their previous encounter at Geodis Park, Scott Arfield appeared to secure victory with a late goal, only for a contentious penalty decision against Charlotte in the dying moments of extra time to force them to settle for a draw.

Dean Smith and his players are determined to secure all three points against their Eastern Conference rival this time.

Listen to Dean Smith's full press conference previewing Charlotte FC's next match below.