CHARLOTTE – Striker Karol Świderski was on a 10 game streak without scoring a goal but he finally broke that streak with a marvelous header in Charlotte FC’s 4 – 1 defeat of Nashville SC. 

“I’m so happy to score again because after a long time in Charlotte, this moment was important for me because if you are a striker you need to score. And I haven’t scored in maybe ten games. I hope in every next game I take my opportunities to score again.” 

After scoring, Świderski ran straight towards CLTFC’s throne, climbed up to it, and celebrated his long awaited goal amongst the fans. A moment that both him and the fans will cherish forever. 

“I went crazy, I haven’t scored in like two months or maybe more. This feeling was fantastic for me to score in out stadium in front of our fans and I’m so happy.” 

In earlier parts of the season, Świderski had struggled to get on the ball. He wouldn’t get many touches and was left isolated on almost every match basis. But now he’s getting more touches and support from the players around him – something that he credits interim head coach Christian Lattanzio for. 

“I think because of our coach. We work a lot to create more chances and to play on the other half of the pitch, near to the goal. And this is starting to work. I think in the first half if we delivered more to the box we could have created more chances. But we won 4 – 1 and this is more important for us” 

Swiderski has the honor of representing his national team but that comes with having to play additional matches that of course affect fatigue. And despite not having any breaks for the past one and half to two years, Świderski is adamant about his commitment to club and desire to give his all. 

“I’m so happy to be here. I try to give my best in every training. I know this season was going to be difficult for me because I haven’t had holidays for the past and a half to two years... I think I played 60 games in total last season which is a lot. 

“I will try to keep my best, and to do in every training my maximum. To give my maximum in every training. I hope I can score more goals because of course I’m a DP player and I need to score. I know this. This was also not easy for me because I want to give my best. But I’m happy to win today and I think we can keep this way until we finish the season.”