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Kristijan Kahlina: "We have our targets and we need to keep forward"


CHARLOTTE – Charlotte FC are coming off two difficult back-to-back losses against Inter Miami and Toronto FC. However forgetting is one of the most difficult things to do as a footballer says CLTFC goalkeeper, Kristijan Kahlina.

“Yeah, this is the most difficult things in football because you can say this and like, okay, we must move on we must forget this game but sometimes here inside, stays this feeling, this bad feeling even from Miami is still in my heart states but from another side, yes.  

“We need to show our face and move on because in front of us are very important three games. If we keep in our mind with these games before, like what we lose or how we lose, then we will lose just more points in front of us and we don't want this.” 

Kahlina has been vocal from the start about his gratitude for the fans and wanting to make them proud. He and the players don't feel they brought pride to the fans and want to bring back that pride in the team once again.

“This week, we trained really good, and we need to show better performance because of our fans. This was the biggest embarrassment from my side... they support us unbelievably all season and a game like this, they don't deserve this.” 

Only 12 matches to go for the Crown in their inaugural season, and the next three will all be at home. The team feels the pressure to win these matches because according to Kahlina, they are running out of time to cement their position in playoffs.

“Now, we don't have any time to make better results. Like maybe in the start of the season, you can lose three games in a row. And then you will say okay, we have time. Now, honestly, we don't have time. And that's it. All of us, we know this. We have our targets and we need to keep forward and to believe in this.”

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July 30: Military*

July 30: Military*

Charlotte FC is proud to honor the service and sacrifice of active-duty military members, veterans, and their families during our match against the Columbus Crew on July 30. We welcome Armed Forces personnel and fans alike to join us in special matchday recognitions and pre-match ceremonies. The team will wear limited-edition camouflage training tops during warmups that will be available for purchase in-store and online (release date to be announced).