CHARLOTTE – Charlotte FC are going to make their U.S. Open Cup debut in two days against the Greenville Triumph. A competition that head coach Miguel Ramírez thinks is a great opportunity that should be taken seriously.

“Always the Cup, everywhere, all around the world, it is a fun competition. And it’s a chance for the teams from the lower levels to face the first division teams.

“And it is always fun, they are always more open games with less fears. Always for the spectators, it’s a funny competition, I don’t know for the coaches,” Miguel laughs.

“Of course, being shorter, we can believe that this is more achievable than a long competition. For us it is a great opportunity to keep getting experience, learning, and minutes together.

“When you get an important reward for the Club, I’m not talking only financially, also to qualify CONCACAF Champions League, so it’s important for the Club to play this competition and to try your best to win it.”

Ramírez's analysts have been scouting the Triumph since last week and so despite the quick turnover in matches, the team has a good sense of what to expect from them.

“They have very fast players up front, they are very aggressive attacking spaces. Also, aggressive when they press, when they jump, they go go go. With a lot of repetition, with a lot of desire. So, we will need to play with a high rhythm to face this kind of pressure and kind of jumps. And be super focused, concentrated to be aware.”

Ramírez is thrilled at the prospect of being a part of the United States' oldest ongoing soccer competition and is relishing being a part of MLS in general.

“Personally, I’m super excited. I’m enjoying the experience like you can’t imagine. I feel respected and appreciative. The last example is against New England. The coach, most of the staff, many players I had the opportunity to speak with. I feel super welcomed, respected, supported, appreciated, they are also enjoying the way of playing.

“I feel so good, so good. So lucky to be here. It’s an amazing league that is growing a lot, it is well followed in Europe. I get too many messages from Spain, England that people are watching us and following us. I am super, super excited and I feel super proud and super happy being here.”

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