CHARLOTTE – Charlotte FC got their revenge against Atlanta United in what was a resolute performance. Within the opening minutes of the match, CLTFC faced their first obstacle when Atlanta United played in a formation CLTFC was not expecting.

“We didn’t expect this formation from Atlanta United... But with this way of training and seeing the game, we are able to interpret how to find the spaces, how we need to attack, and they showed a great understanding today and huge maturation.

“The first half was an homage to positional play, I thought we deserved to go into the second half with more goals because we had too many chances. Of course Atlanta changed, and has top players on the bench who are able to make a difference and push us.

“And they pushed. They tried to win in the second half but we were able to compete, to suffer, we were well organized and always composed. This group is simply amazing, how they compete”

Ramírez on the importance of earning all three points at home in front of their fans before the tough three away game stretch CLTFC faces starting next week in another rematch game against the New England Revolution.

“Super important of course. When you have your people, and these people, you can have people who go to the theatre or cinema and just watch the game. But here they don’t just watch the game, they finish losing their voices. I went around to the fans to thank them, and they were without voices.

“At home, we will always have this advantage. We were suffering the second half and they were pushing, pushing, pushing, and helping us to breathe. Of course, we won’t have this away, but we will try to compete and get something from these away games.”

Before the season began, many pundits and analysts predicted Charlotte FC to be sitting in last place in the East Conference. Currently against all odds, they are sitting in 5th in what Ramírez calls the Cinderella story of MLS this season.

“We continue to be the Cinderella story, they invited us to the dance, and so we’re dancing. This Cinderella can dance. We’ll see what happens these next few games, but as long as there is a party, and it’s before 12, we’ll keep dancing.”