Charlotte FC Summer Transfer Window Wrap-Up


As the Major League Soccer season enters its final stretch, Charlotte FC has strategically positioned itself for a compelling push towards the playoffs with its latest acquisitions – midfielders Scott Arfield and Brecht Dejaegere and left back Jere Uronen. These three seasoned players bring a wealth of experience and skill to the team, and their presence could prove to be the game-changer that Charlotte needs.

Drawing lessons from the previous summer window, the front office aimed to capitalize on the current season by promptly acquiring additional support. Reinforcements were vital following the departures of Shinyashiki and Santos, so Sporting Director Zoran Krneta and his team looked to immediately strengthen the roster for the playoff push and beyond.

“We needed midfielders and a left back, and we’ve gone out and gotten them. We now have a group that fits better with the playing style that [Head Coach Christian] Lattanzio is building,” said Krneta. “Overall, we have significantly upgraded the team that finished last season strongly to have more quality and competition in the squad. We have already seen these summer signings quickly integrate into the locker room with their leadership and experience, which will be important as the team pushes forward for the playoffs.”

Scott Arfield, the very first summer recruit, has already shown what he can do through five MLS matches and the Leagues Cup run. A box-to-box midfielder renowned for his sense of positioning, he consistently finds himself in positions to generate scoring opportunities for his team and already scored his first goal for the Crown against Necaxa.

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Scott Arfield

Subsequently, midfielder Brecht Dejaegere joined Arfield on the roster. Although Charlotte fans had to exercise some patience due to the visa process, they finally caught a glimpse of their new number 10 in action against Houston Dynamo FC during the Leagues Cup. In this outing, he showcased his potential impact by buzzing around the field and coming close to scoring through some impressive footwork.

Brecht Dejaegere

Finally, Charlotte fulfilled its prolonged search for a left back with the acquisition of Jere Uronen. The 29-year-old's incorporation into the Charlotte squad was officially announced approximately two weeks ago, and he has since been actively participating in team training. Uronen bolsters the defense with his adept one-on-one defending and athleticism and adds to the offense with his crossing ability.

Jere Uronen

While each signing has a unique profile, there is a commonality they all share – a wealth of experience. These players have consistently made substantial impacts on every team they've been a part of, even in esteemed tournaments such as the Champions League and Europa League. While every signing carries an inherent level of uncertainty, experience enhances the chances of successful adaptation.

“We have the desire to strengthen the team during every transfer window and we feel we have done so in the last three windows,” said Director of Scouting Thomas Schaling. “Given that the summer transfer window is the primary window for most leagues in the world, this was an ideal moment to add three quality experienced players within the margins of the salary cap.”

The timings of the signings were just as important as bringing in the right profiles. While the Club could sign the right player, it doesn’t do the team much good if they’re unavailable for selection due to personal reasons or the visa process. With an entire third of the season left to play, the summer reinforcements could really make an impact on this season’s trajectory.

“We also wanted to improve on last summer and bring in all of these players at an earlier stage,” said Schaling. “With Scott [Arfield], Brecht [Dejaegere] and Jere [Uronen] all being available for anywhere between 18 and 11 games, this was a significant improvement on the 2022 summer when Adilson [Malanda], Nathan [Byrne] and Nuno [Santos] were only available for selection over the last four to six matches.”

As Charlotte FC gears up for the final 11 matches of the MLS season, the impact of these three signings cannot be understated. With a renewed sense of energy and depth in the squad, the team's aspirations have been given a significant boost. The combination of Arfield's knack for goals, Dejaegere's playmaking, and Uronen's stability at the back offers a solution to the challenges that lie ahead.

These signings are more than just individual talents; they represent the Club’s commitment to its playing philosophy and its mission to push it to new heights. The remaining matches will undoubtedly be crucial, as each point gained or conceded could tip the balance in the race for playoff qualification.

Charlotte FC's strategic approach to the summer transfer window, focusing on strengthening its midfield and defensive core, boosts both sides of the ball. As the players assimilate into the squad, the Queen City faithful can look forward to an exciting culmination of the MLS season, with the team's new signings aiming to guide them towards a coveted playoff spot.



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