Charlotte FC’s Small Business Spotlight: Cupcakes, coffee and artisanal delights

The club’s community initiative turns it focus to a selection of locally owned boutique food vendors in the Queen City

Pure Intentions Coffee strives to promote a sustainable and educated coffee supply chain that facilitates improved living standards for producers, access to great coffee for consumers, and reduction of the industry’s environmental impact. Owner Matt Yarmey started the company from his Charlotte apartment in 2011. 

What drew you to the coffee business?

Prior to coffee, I worked for large corporations behind a desk. I loved the idea of creating something with my hands that required both analytical and artistic talent. Additionally, the ability to create something that formed a connection between faraway coffee producers and members of my own community became a point of passion that we still drive towards today.


Why is the environmental impact of your business important to you?

This is an easy one! I want to live and work in an environmentally-aware place, so we must lead by example and trust our fellow Charlotteans to join in. From a coffee-specific perspective, our livelihood is reliant on an agricultural product that has already been hugely impacted by climate change and rampant over-farming. We must be better consumers to drive change and transparency at the farm level, or we may one day find ourselves in a world without coffee.


What is your current best-selling product and how can fans get it?

Our Organic Peru Single Origin coffee is our best-seller. This Direct Trade coffee is sourced from a family farming group we visit each year in Peru. They create community resources with their coffee so everyone can experience better living standards. Check out our website to order some today or visit many of our local partners brewing up this great coffee!

Charlotte FC fans can enjoy 15% off all web orders at Pure Intentions Coffee through the end of May. Use the code ‘CLT-FC’ at checkout to take advantage of this offer.


The Artisan’s Palate is a restaurant, art gallery and gathering space in NoDa offering a unique menu of coffees, craft cocktails, wine and share plates. Head Chef and Owner Christa Csoka, the daughter of a refugee from Budapest, founded the celebrated venue in 2017. 

What prompted you to start your own business?

My dad taught me to never give up and to stand your ground. Taking chances in life is important, but you have to make sure you’re ready for it. I waited a long time to finally realize my own dreams, but staying strong and being resilient and adaptive was something my father taught me. Without those skills, I probably wouldn’t have made it through this past year. 

What makes Charlotte such a good location for a place that mixes food, drinks, art and music?

Charlotte is a transient city, and also a transplant city. My whole family is here, and we all moved here from the north. We love the weather and the fact that Charlotte is so close to both the mountains and seaside getaways. It is a city where certain areas still have that neighborhood small town feel: like Noda, where my restaurant is.


What are the current fan-favorite craft cocktail and dinner dish?

The fan-favorite cocktail is the Paratrooper. It’s made with our house-made fig-infused bourbon and is then smoked. The most popular dinner is a tie between our pork belly and our octopus.

What are you most excited for patrons to experience when they visit The Artisan’s Palate this spring and summer?

We’re looking forward to getting a little back to normal and enjoying people’s company once again. This will be our first April and May that we’ve been open—we’re excited to have customers enjoy our indoor and outdoor vibe to the fullest…with live music, too!

Until May 31, 2021, Charlotte FC fans can enjoy 15% off at The Artisan’s Palate in NoDa.


Jewell Treats creates cupcakes using the finest natural ingredients and time-honored recipes. After establishing a career in the mortgage industry, Tami Jewell started the business in 2012 when she and her family moved to the Queen City. 

What did you learn from your time in the mortgage industry that prepared you to become a business owner?

I learned how important it was to establish and maintain relationships, and to set goals and do what was needed to exceed them. I also learned that I was a go-getter and that I get a great amount of satisfaction from closing deals in each sale.

What have you learned about the Charlotte market and its customers? 

The Charlotte market is a very loyal and supportive market. I’ve learned how this city is a true family-oriented environment. Jewell Treats customers seem to be more like family and it is great that we have been a part of their respective family milestones.


What is the most exciting part about preparing unique treats for special events? 

The most exciting part is being allowed to be creative to match certain themes. There is such a feeling of success in being invited to some of the most prestigious events here in Charlotte. We always joke that we are Jewell Treats-plus-one and we enjoy riding on the coattails of our treats.

Of your delicious flavors, what is the current fan favorite?

Strawberry cupcakes and cakes. Hands down! 

Charlotte FC fans can call (980) 202-2530 or go to to place an order and receive 15% off up until May 31, 2021.