Season Ticket Member benefits now include tickets to at least one away match!

Let’s take this party on the road! Season Ticket Member benefits* will include tickets to at least one away match of the member's choice** for the upcoming season. From New York to Nashville and Atlanta to Austin, rep Charlotte FC wherever you’d like to travel to.

Community Season Ticket Members do not qualify for this benefit - but upgrade options are available.

  • How do I claim tickets?

Please utilize the link sent directly to your Charlotte FC Season Ticket Member email.  Upon selecting the match you would like to attend, you will be asked to enter credit card information should you not utilize the ticket.  One penny will be charged per seat if your request is approved.  If you request additional matches beyond what your account is eligible for, you request will be automatically denied.

  • My request is showing an error-am I doing something wrong?

Please be sure you are using your email registered with your Charlotte FC Season Ticket Member account. Only the email associated with your account will be recognized for request eligibility.

  • I am eligible for 3 matches but it only is allowing me to select one.  Am I doing something wrong?

Game requests must be submitted in individual transactions.  Complete the request for your first match, and return to your link to request the following 2 matches individually.

  • I am receiving an error when entering my credit card- what do I do?

Attempt another browser to complete your request for any credit card errors.

  • Will I receive information from the club on the status of my request?

All communication regarding status updates will come from the email address

  • Will the Club provide travel and stay accommodations?

The Crowns Up & Away Program includes match tickets only. You are solely responsible for any additional costs and expenses and assume the risk specific to travel.

  • What if I claim tickets but am unable to attend?

If your request to cancel falls inside the 30-day window and you fail to attend the match, you will be charged our cost of securing the tickets to your credit card on file.

  • Can I sell or transfer tickets I am awarded for the Away Ticket Program?

This benefit is exclusive for Season Ticket Members. Tickets cannot be sold or transferred, Charlotte FC Season Ticket Holders should be prepared to be in attendance to rep the Crown!

  • How do I validate that I attended the match?

Within five (5) days of the match you will need to send a photo of you attending the match to If the photo is not received the credit card on file will be charged for the value of the tickets for which the club paid for.

  • What happens if a match is cancelled?

The club will contact fans in the event of cancellation or postponement. If you aren't able to attend the match's reschedule date, the club will work to find additional solutions to select a different match based on availability.

For any questions, please email

Season Ticket Interest
Season Ticket Interest