Inclement Weather Policy
Inclement Weather Policy

If lightning is detected within an eight-mile radius of Bank of America Stadium, the venue will enter a Seek Cover protocol. This protocol will remain in effect until there is no lightning detected within an eight-mile radius of the stadium for 30 minutes.

If you are outside the stadium when the Seek Cover protocol takes effect:

  • Please seek cover immediately. If the nearest shelter is the stadium, only North, East, and South gates will continue to operate under the covered area.

If you are inside the stadium when Seek Cover takes effect:

  • The seating bowl and field will be evacuated. Stadium staff will help direct fans to the nearest and safest shelter.

If the Seek Cover surpasses team warmups and/or scheduled kick time, Bank of America Stadium will determine a new kickoff time which will be communicated out to fans. Weather updates will be sent out to fans via email and live tweets from the @BofAstadium Twitter account. Updates will be sent out every 20 minutes.