REMINDER: Please note that the tossing of cups or objects of any kind is strictly prohibited. Supporters/Fans that violate this will be subject to immediate ejection and possible stadium bans.


REMINDER: Sections are 119-124 & 227-231 ONLY. All other sections are reserved for regular admission seats.

Please note that seating in the Supporters Section is General Admissions based on a first-come first-serve system. For any questions or concerns prior to matchday, be sure to contact your Supporter Group Leader.

IMPORTANT: The release of any objects into the air, intentional or not, will result in immediate ejection from the stadium. If an object lands on the pitch, it'll be considered a projectile and is an offense subject to ejection by MLS officials and sanctions for the team/fans.

  • Please do not throw any objects on the field or at other fans if you disagree with any call or result on the pitch - this can hurt Charlotte FC's results for that match.

FLAGS UP! Grab a flag from one of the three bins located in the supporters section, wave it with pride and make sure to return it to a bin at any point prior to leaving the match.


Please be advised that section 121 will be roped off until all supporter groups arrive from the march.

  • If you arrive before the March, please find an open seat in another other available section. Do not congregate and block the aisles in and around section 121.
  • A tifo display will be unfurled from this section. If you may be uncomfortable or claustrophobic, we recommend seating in another Supporters section area.

Our supporters have created one of the most electric atmospheres in all of Major League Soccer. Your support is meant to encourage our players on the pitch with relentless energy. While we appreciate the passion exhibited after every Charlotte FC goal, we also aim to create a safe environment for ALL fans.

For those supporters that choose to celebrate goals by launching the liquid from your cup, we ask that you do so by tossing the liquid up into the sky while holding onto your cup. Any object that leaves your hands is considered a projectile and will result in an immediate ejection and possible stadium ban.